Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Outro by Rebus

In spite of the obstacles and disappointments, mostly, the people who worked at the Biograph Theatre did find a way to have a good time. Hopefully, that was usually true for the paying customers, who were willing to put up with the low-budget operation's shortcomings.

Since the Biograph, Richmond hasn't seen anything quite like what was the convivial scene inside the glass front of that cinema's airy lobby, when the walls were adorned with an eye-pleasing art show and there were film buffs about lingering to discuss the foreign movie premiere they had just taken in.

Keeping the Biograph open for business, in some ways, was not unlike the old plate-spinner vaudeville act that various performers used to do on variety television shows long ago. Every time one of the plates would be re-spun, to be steadied on its stick, another plate would be teetering, about to crash onto the floor.  

Now, as the Biograph's official spokesdog, it's time for me to say thanks for sticking around all the way to the end of this series of stories about a movie theater that rode a wave of popular culture as long as it could.

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